$1.5 trillion in national debt by 2045, rising unemployment rates, sluggish economic growth - these are Trudeau's legacy.

The fanfare of their last election campaign was a hoax of over 300 promises.

Now they're laughing from the government benches, executives at Bombardier are getting a 50% raise, and we are left holding the bag.

That's why I'm inviting you to join me at one of my stops on my 40-day cross country tour, and send a message to Justin Trudeau.

Join hundreds of fellow Canadians who have already signed my giant postcard calling on the Liberals to "Stop the Deficit Spending" and "Stop the Madness"!

Check out the stops here.

Did we miss you?

You can sign the postcards online if we missed you on our cross-country tour. You can still send Trudeau a message by signing online.

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