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Glitz? Glam?

Government was never supposed to be show business. When style comes before substance in politics, we get national debt projections of $1.5 trillion.

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just getting the job done


Robert Stanfield

Never fumbled his duty to the people

  • modernized Nova Scotia's education and health care systems
  • won 4 successive majority mandates as premier of Nova Scotia
  • advocated for a unified Canada
  • the best Prime Minister Canada never had

Bill Davis

Famously said "bland works"

  • won 4 consecutive mandates as the second longest-serving Premier of Ontario
  • established Canada's first Ministry of Environment
  • made great strides towards protection of human rights

John Diefenbaker

Dief the Chief of Boring got it done

  • appointed the first female cabinet minister and first aboriginal senator
  • passed the Canadian Bill of Rights
  • passed the Royal Commission on Health Care
  • took a stand internationally against apartheid

Stephen Harper

All business, no show

  • brought taxes to the lowest level in 50 years
  • steered Canada's economy through the financial crisis, emerging strong than other western nations
  • negotiated and signed free trade agreements with 39 countries
  • longest serving Conservative Prime Minister since John A. Macdonald

Boring works.
Let's get the job done.

Yup, I trust boring


Andrew Saxton

  • accomplished in his career as a businessman, currently CEO of a publicly-listed property investment firm
  • experienced in the management of business and government finances, having served as MP and Parliamentary Secretary to Finance
  • familiar with international dynamics, having lived in 5 countries
  • bilingual, capable of communicating with the entire country

Andrew is the experienced, competent leader the Conservatives need to win in 2019.

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